Aug 142004


Okay, I uploaded a bunch of pictures from our last trip to Tofino. You can find ‘em here:

More Tofino Pictures

I need to move ‘em around so they are in the right and logical order, but I seem to have hit a wee snag and I need my g-f to help me figger it, but right now she is working on a website or two and I will get to that soon. Or not so soon.
But I know y’all want to see some old vacation photos of me with a full head of hair and luscious eyebrows.
So, knock yourselves out.

It was a really good trip, then we came home and everything got really crazy really fast. It sort of stands out in my mind as the transition point into all the shite that is currently happening.
So, look or don’t look.

In the meantime, hacking and slashing my way through the icky feelings and trying really hard to get to feeling kind of regular.
It seems to take a bit longer each cycle.
I think I am just about to feel normal-ish soon and I feel like the heat wave is part of why I feel so stinky lately.

And… hey… we are going to have a little yard sale next weekend.
So, if you’d like an invite, drop me a line and I will send it off to you.
All the details are TBA, except that it will be sometime next weekend, because that works for us.

Okay comrades, thanks for checking in with me and mine, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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  1. Spike,

    Tofino pics are wonderful. I especially like the one where you were getting engaged, both sets of feet in the ocean … very grounded and rooted in the universe … very symbolic.


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