Oct 092010

I support Freedom to Read. Maybe being part of a minority that has had to fight censorship makes this a pretty big deal for me.

I am proudly anti-censorship.

And this is my website.


It is one of maybe a billion on the internet.

You, therefore, as a surfer, have maybe a billion choices of where you might go and what you might read.
If what I say offends you and your desire to censor others and your need to control things beyond your control, I recommend you grow up, or go to a site more suited to your less than grown up sensibilities and abilities to problem solve..

I’ve been through some stuff. I operate from a belief that my experiences might be of value for others going through similar stuff, because when I was going through them, I couldn’t find anyone who would say how it was or that it might get better.
Therefore, shutting up is the opposite of what I am willing to do when it comes to some of the major issues I have dealt with in the last few years.

Sorry that rubs you the wrong way, but I suggest you spend your internet hours elsewhere. Ya know, if you can’t stand the heat, yada yada…

How about you do that?
And just leave me alone?

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