Jan 112006

You know, there are people who update their blogs daily!
Is that not amazing!
I am gobsmacked, personally.
In fact, I stumbled upon one brilliant site which is written by a woman who is in the ring taking on the evil breast cancer right now. This is one of the best blogs I have ever read. You should check it out….
I just listed her site in the links section.
And for reasons I don’t understand, the code I punched in below doesn’t open her page in a new window….rat bastard piss me off.

So finish up here and then slide on over to visit with Twisty, eh?
But finish up here first.

The site can be found here.
How can you help but adore a woman who knows how to blame the patriarchy?
I can’t help myself.
But aside from all that, she is brilliant and you should make good use of all that time you waste on the internet and go have her shake up your brain a wee bit.
Off you go, but don’t leave until you finish visiting with me.

Anyway, here we are on a new year, and I guess I should say something about that.
Let’s see…
I am completely prepared for 2006 to be better than 2005, which was somewhat better than 2004, but not quite as spectacular as I had hoped.
2005 was its own wild ride, I just spent less time on the nasty end of an IV line. But I still rode the wave of a ridiculous amount of bizarre and intense stuff and frankly, I am ready for some good old fashioned boredom in 2006.
Here’s hoping.

And to update folks on one of 2005 intensities, my dad has bounced back in a way that is kind of incredible. Especially when you bear in mind that some folks were kicking the words ‘palliative care’ around at one point. He is back at home, dragging his little can of oxygen around behind him, and all things considered, he is doing remarkably well. He won’t be running the Boston Marathon this year, but he is no longer in the hospital and he back to his old crabby self and everything seems about as normal as pie for right now.

Beyond that, I am back in school. I suspect this semester may come close to killing me. I am taking only two courses this semester but one of them is on the fascinating subject of cataloguing.
I have a hundred dollar textbook that simply shows all the Anglo-American Rules for Cataloguing. And when I downloaded the first week’s class notes and sent them to the printer, I ended up with a stack of approximately 75 pages. And that is just the instructors lecture notes.
How could there possibly be that much to say about cataloguing?
Ask me again in April.

On other fronts, I had a “you know you’ve gone through a prolonged serious illness when…’ moment when I went to the clinic that my GP works from.
I am heading out of town for a couple of days and I had a prescription that was running low.
It was running low because I learned that it is unwise to have a cat in your lap while you are dispensing your daily tablet into your dirty little hand. The cat nudged me in just the right way to send my arm, and a goodly portion of the pills in the bottle, flying skyward towards the heavens and then on to the floor.
So, I went to my clinic to get a short top up.
But I walked in the door and the receptionist looked up at me with great confusion, because, of course, I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment.
I just pointed towards the pharmacy and she seemed to understand.
And then, after shooting the shit with the pharmacist, I realized that everyone who works there said, “Goodbye, Spike,” as I walked out the door.
I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
I think it’s a way of making a good thing out of a bad thing.

Okey dokey, I have a road trip coming up and I just can’t visit one more second.
Go on over and learn some better blaming the patriarchy skills, why dontcha?

Thanks for dropping by and don’t be any stranger than me.

Rodger Dodger, over and out.

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