Apr 122002

Yikes, I have been remiss with my little website.

But let me take a stab at correcting that.

Today, I am sad to announce that my beloved stove top espresso maker is Officially Pronounced Dead.

It’s bean a long, glorious, delicious and invigorating relationship. And I have been in denial for a while. I saw that the metal was starting to strain and crack in the basket, but ignored it. I noticed the flavour was starting to be less than it had been in the past, but just put an extra effort into cleaning it. But today, at approximately 3:45 pm, the coffee maker officially spit its last blast of steam thru a blend of beans and made it quite clear that there would be no second cup.

I’m sitting here with only a couple of sips left, trying to think of what bill I should dodge for a month so I can scrape up the money to get the next machine.

Maybe that’s not very sentimental, but I take my joe pretty seriously and this is a bad time of the week to be left with no joe.

Maybe I should set up a paypal account like other folks have….

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