Apr 182005

round and gold

Okay, folks, we are outta here for a wee bit.

Check back in a couple of weeks to see lovely pix and read tales of brave adventuring and unsurpassed relaxing.

Oh yeah… pass the sunscreen, darlin’

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Apr 112005

Well, faithful reader, as you know, I did my first work shift today.
It’s been almost a year since I buggered off to have surgery and expected to have a 6 week recovery period from that operation.
Of course, before that six weeks was up I was already making friends on the chemo ward. I still remember that feeling that I had been sucked up into the engine of a jet. You know, one day I was just happily bumbling along in my life and the next thing I knew I had a 10 inch scar on my belly, hot flashes, and strange men poking me in the wha-zoo.
I’m sure you can understand that it was all a bit of a shock.
It didn’t take long till I felt pretty natural in one of those stupid blue gowns.
And now I am on the other side of that process. Kind of the 180 degrees away from that, trying to crawl back into the real world after having nearly smothered in the land of the nasty-illness-that-no-one-wants.
So, I am trying to move back into that world and today was a pretty major step, what with the going back to work.
Now, to be fair, I didn’t really do work today.
I seem to have been hired into a new position with the same organization and today was a training day. So, I sat with my co-workers and listened to a variety of presentations and it was pretty cool.
The best part was the hugely positive reception I got from my co-workers and bosses.
And that everybody thought that I looked great.
(Everyone says that, and everyone also sounds kind of incredulous when they say it… I always feel like I should look more wretched or something…)
Anyway, it was really, really great.
There were tons of people there that I don’t know, who have been hired in the last year, but all the folks who were there last year were super-supportive and kind and they made me *want* to be back at work.
And it’s also really exciting to remember what it is like to feel competent at something, and to be treated as competent by the people around you.
Because I have spent the last year pretty much being defined by the disease, and that’s understandable, but it’s nice to think and talk about something else and to be treated as a respected co-worker.
I really, really liked that.
I liked it so much that I am not even pissed off that I got a $25 parking ticket on my first day back at work.
That was the day-time chunk of today.

Tonight, there was a “member appreciation night” at my gym and they did a head shaving and cancer fund-raiser.
Two of my good friends, Shaira and Sky, had their heads shaved. By me.
That was kind of fun, and the gym raised over $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society, so that was pretty cool.
Somewhere along the line, I got out’ed as a cancer survivor, and that was cool.
The woman who was representing the Canadian Cancer Society was really sweet, and the staff at the gym were spectacular, and my friends are the best (especially since they have both shaved their heads twice now because of cancer. Hooray for them!)

All in all, it was a pretty good day.

And now I need to go to bed, because I am planning on having another one tomorrow.

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Apr 102005

It’s back to work I go…

Well, at least I start the training for a new job (with the same employer) tomorrow.
And that should be interesting.
I do a couple of days of training for a new job at a new site and, as a result, I will end up seeing a whole lot of my old co-workers tomorrow. And that will be cool, because I actually like many of my co-workers.

And tomorrow night the gym I go to is doing a headshaving fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and the manager of the gym asked me if I would be one of the headshavers.
I said sure, though truth be told, most of those stupid gym monkeys would rather die than have me stand that close to them while holding a razor. Still, it’s for “the cause” so I said yes.
It’s going to be a busy day.

Going back to work will be interesting.
On one hand, I think it will feel really good to go be productive again.
And, on that other hand, I wonder how much stamina I am going to have,
Thankfully, I have really great bosses who are totally supporting the gradual return to work, and I will do 4 hours a day for a week, then 5 hours a day, and so on…
I think it’s gonna be just fine.

On other fronts, I have been reading lots of stuff about diet and supplements and preventing recurrence. Thanks to Cancer Baby for the info on that score.
It looks like this are gonna get a might mo’ fishy around my house.
No, seriously… apparently I should eat more fish. Cuz it does the Omega 3 thing in a way that is better than flax seed oil.
Let me just say, burps after ingesting salmon oil capsules are just plain vulgar.

And since I may have hit a new low, for me and for my blog(s), I will now go take a bath and wash my mouth out with organic castille soap.

More as it happens.

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