Jun 232004

well, it’s the morning after the second chemo treatment and I am feeling pretty good. Though last time it took a few days for the full extent of the ickiness to catch up to me. I am cautiously optimistic that this time will be better.
A few things have happened to make me hopeful of that, all of which came about from meeting with the oncologist and the nurse on Monday.
For yesterday’s chemo treatment, they included Gravol in the meds that they give me to prepare me for the chemo. (There is a small whack of them that I get so I can handle the chemo better).
It really helped to get the Gravol before I started the chemo and it meant I finished up about an hour faster than last time (when I crashed and they had to stop everything and give me gravol and then hook me up again).

So, yeah, yesterday was pretty okay, nothing to complain about.
We switched things around a bit and I took Romey, one of my head shaving buddies, and left the Little Woman at home.
One thing that happened was they gave me the Gravol and some Benadryl in an IV drip as prep for the chemo and I could feel myself falling asleep within about 5 minutes of getting it. I quickly grabbed my discman and slapped the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in and sat there listening to it and listening to the nurse brief the other nurse on who was doing what so she could cover the lunch break.
All of a sudden, I woke up and it was 3 o’clock and the regular nurse was there and there was no sound coming out of my discman, and I realized I had been having a very very deep sleep for a couple of hours. Romey tells me I was doing some world class snoring in the room full of strangers doing their chemo, which is odd because I am not much of a snorer in real life. The women in the room avenged themselves by talking about their wigs for a very long time. God bless the discman!

Basically, I am pretty happy with how things went yesterday and so far today.

I am shocked at how busy that Cancer Agency is. It’s all timed as precisely as possible and people are there to take a treatment chair just as soon as it is empty and cleaned up and ready to go.
On Monday, we had to go to a waiting room at the Cancer Agency while we waited to meet with my medical peeps. We walked thru a small door way into a room that expanded out into a large square and had seating for about 60 people and the room was packed. It took us a few minutes to find a spot in the room where there were two seats together, that’s how crowded it was, and I assume, always is.
That’s what horrifies me. If this was some freaky little weird thing I had going on, that would be one thing, but it shocks me how many people are dealing with cancer, right now. And then there are all the folks who have already dealt with it.
It’s just so prevalent, I find that horrifying.
I don’t mean to sit around pondering the obvious, but I think we are doing something wrong as a culture if this many people are sick.
Cuz cancer is just one of the ways people get sick…
Anyway…there’s your cheery morning message.

I’ll go water the garden and drink my coffee, and maybe listen to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again, since I slept thru it yesterday.

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