Jun 212004

Just a quick update because I have to get some sleep before my big chemo date tomorrow.

We went to the Cancer Agency today to get (even more) bloodwork done.
It was weird to be back there. I was really less than enthusiastic to be back, sort of like a dog realizing that the car has arrived at the vet’s office.

Anyway, we did more bloodwork and then met with the oncologist and the chemo nurse that are handling me for this drug trial.
It was good to sit down and recap what has been happening and find out that stuff is going in a pretty normal way. Except they say that most folks don’t get as sick as I did/do from the chemo.
I said, “That’s because I am really quite delicate.” and the chemo nurse, without looking up from her paperwork, snorted and then laughed quite hard.

The chemo nurse gave me a quick run down on how my blood tests are looking, which is basically really good, though don’t ask me to explain what that means because I only remember her saying the word ‘good’ quite a few times. Maybe Elaine can fill in the details.

So, the doctor adjusted the meds a wee bit, like I now have a bag of Gravol automatically as part of my chemo, and he gave me a script for a couple of new meds, so we will see. The plan is to have this round be a bit less gruelling than the last time. Fingers crossed. And I will be on the steroids for 4 or 5 days this time, instead of 3 like last time. That’s good news because when I came off the steroids last time, I really started to feel like crap.
But the steroids keep me awake.
On an up note, that will give me time to catch up on some of my e-mail and stuff, because I have fallen way behind in the last while.

Anyway, off to bed and then off to chemo.
Wish me luck.

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  4 Responses to “quick and dirty”

  1. Good Luck Spike.

    I know you’re a strong woman.

  2. Spike..We have never spoken but I just wanted to let you know I read this every day and am holding good thoughts for ya. Keep strong and know that both myself and my boy care about both you and Elaine..

  3. I will hold more than just good luck for you Spike – I am sure a little Warlock Majic wouldn?t hurt.
    Spike – keep the good energy and the good vib — its all gotta help!
    Giant Kudos to you both ? through all the very hard work getting through this emotional hell you are both doing amazing well.
    The genuine Love you both express is wonderful.
    If there is anything from Ontarihell that you might like — just pipe up.
    Happy Pride week from Toronto.
    All the best on the morrow.

  4. Spike,
    do they taper the steroids? Robyn took them for 10 days per round of chemo – 6 days full strength and then cut the dose in half each day for four days. Helps with the steroid crash.
    Glad yesterday was better for you.

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