Jun 242004

I know you hear cartoon characters threatening to do this all the time, but it just happened to me.

Spike’s head is shaved, but the hair-falling-out process is in no way complete, and she’s got 3rd-day stubble all over her head.

This morning, teacup and cereal bowl in hand, I tiptoed up behind her in her chair and bent over to place tender kiss on her crown –when suddenly, at the merest touch of my lips, she whipped her head around.

It was like I’d kissed a running circular sander.

There was a rasping noise, followed by my leaping backwards, in turn followed by my muffled squeaking as I frantically checked for lip function.

Then we laughed until we hiccuped.

“I thought you were coming to kiss me on the lips!” Spike said, setting us off laughing again.

It’s a short while later, and my lips still hurt. But I’m smiling anyway.


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  1. so here I am sitting at my desk trying to look all professional like while surreptisiously checking on my pal and suddenly there are I am trying to stay upright on my chair and maintain that air of professionalizm. While all around me patients and nurses are asking what’s wrong cause the stifled laughs sound like some sort of medical emergency.

    Thanks for the break in my day.

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