May 272004

Okay folks… here’s the poop.

I start chemo next Tuesday, June 1st. And once I start chemo, we will be implementing the Reverse Quarantine procedures at chez nous. That means if you are sick, have been around someone who is sick or just feel like you might be sick, we are going to have to limit our contact with you to the dreaded telephone, because I can’t afford to pick up any bugs while I am doing chemo. As one woman who is doing chemo explained to me, “you will have the immune system of a baked potato.”

Anyway, before everything gets governed by the great big chemo needle, we thought we would have one little low-key, drop by if you feel like it get together and let people just come by in a loose and easy sort of way.
So, if folks want to squeeze in one last visit before we go into lock-down procedures, please come on by…

I expect folks can come by between 2 pm and 5 pm on Saturday the 29th.
We won’t be doing anything fancy like feeding people, but we will try to make as many pots of tea or coffee as people need to quench themselves. I expect we will have a supply of some sorts of cold drinks as well and who knows if Elaine might find time to bake. If you want something in particular to drink, you may want to bring it yourself.

If you don’t know where we live, just drop me or the Little Woman an e-mail. I am off the morphine so I am not stupid enough to post my home address on the internet for any old wanker to retrieve. I am only interested in entertaining the wankers that I know.

Okay comrades… see you Saturday.

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