May 282004

Just a wee message to let folks know I start chemo on Monday, not Tuesday.

I am easily confused.

I probably won’t be feeling like having company right after the chemo.
I’ll post here and let people know how it’s going, and when the head-shaving party is going to be (sometime in the first 2 weeks of June, I expect). Don’t be afraid to go bald this summer, I intend to make it the new fashion standard.

Oh, and the other piece of news is that my alt-alien silver bullet second belly button is actually healing up quite well and is now about the size of a button hole. That’s pretty good news because last week, Daktari was saying it could take a month to heal up and that could be slowed even more because of the chemo. It looks like it will be well on its way to being just about done with the healing by Monday.
And let me just say, I am completely fine with that process coming to an end. Not to whine and belly-ache too much, but it’s started to become more than a little annoying. See, I seem to have a bit of contact dermatitis from all the tape that has been slapped on my belly over the last month. I now experience pangs of itchiness that are really quite maddening. It’s really been high on the list of Spike’s unpleasant experiences of late. I seem to be having one of those grumpy days…

Anyway, on an up note, the tattoo convention is this weekend, and even though I can’t get a tattoo, we are going to go and have a look.
I’ve been pretty excited about that for a while so it’s great that it’s finally happening.

Okay, comrades, I gotta run off to another doctor’s appt.

See you in the movies.

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  1. Even though I’m in Onterrible, let me know when the head shaving party is and I will don a bald head to match!

    Missing you and Elaine very much and cannot wait to see you both when I return home in July.

  2. Re: Alt-Alien silver bullet second belly button… “Help me find my keys and we’ll drive out.”

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