Jul 232005


Okay, I am back.
This is where I went.
Or this is one of the places in the park where I camped.
It is the road up to a sub-alpine meadow. It had been pretty rainy and overcast until the last day of the trip, and then it turned into this perfect day.

The trip was good, and I think it was a good idea.

I’ll possibly throw a few more pictures from the trip up in my gallery in the next couple of days.

And I expect to have a totally spectacular picture to put up here in the next day or so.
Stay tuned, comrades.

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  1. Hello dear Spike,
    I’ve been following your amazing and gut wrenching adventure with ovarian cancer for some time now. I’ve been surrounded by loved ones dealing with breast cancer for some years now. My mother had a bout, my aunt has recently become cancer free but my mother in-law died from it. I was with all three of these wonderful and strong women during their battles and I can’t help but wonder when my own number might be up. I know, that’s a defeatist way of thinking but consider the odds…. My question is this….do you ever start feeling normal (whatever that is in today’s world) inside again? My mother and mother in-law are both deceased now and I watch my aunt and try desperately not to treat her like she’s so much fine, breakable china. I often find myself just holding my breath when she calls fearing that I’m going to hear, ” Well, it’s back again.” I ask her how she copes but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Which is fair, it’s her body and her experience after all but does one ever stop feeling like jello inside? I send you my warm regards and positive thoughts. Keep up the good work of living your life to its fullest. Take care sweetie!

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