Feb 052005

For those who still check here…

Life is pretty good right now.
My hair is growing in, slowly but shirley.
I still tend to wear a bandana when I am in public, but I am starting to go bare-headed around my house when other people are here.
That’s a step forward.

And the eyebrows are almost all the way back.

I am going to the gym and trying to shave a few of the cupcakes off my waist so I can squeeze into my old jeans. And also trying to build up my strength.
It’s good.
I like spending time at the gym.
I’ll be really happy when I can ditch the pants I have and get back in my old 501’s.

What else….
I spent about an hour today snorting around in the garden. That was nice, really, really nice.

Meanwhile, we are expecting a baby.
Thankfully, it isn’t our baby.
But some close friends are gonna have a wee baby, any day now, and we will be there to, well, to do the things they ask us to do.
It’s all kind of exciting, in a sort of terrifying way.
Hooray for them.

And now, the GF and I are about to go to a going away party for our Aussie friend, who is heading back to Australia for a while.
Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, JC.
See ya on the rebound.

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  3 Responses to “what’s new?”

  1. Have I told you before Spike that I really love to be able to come here and find out how you are and what you are up to? It helps to make me feel connected to you and Elaine, being miles away.
    Thanks for making it so I can share.

    Love and hugs

  2. Spike,
    I just noticed that this Friday on Oprah, she is having Lance Armstrong as a guest. I thought I would pass it along in case you were interested.


  3. Damn you Harris. You made me cry.

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