Jan 282005

I looked in my mirror today and realized that I have eyelashes!
That was a really good thing. It makes my face look a bit more normal.
The hair on my head is doing its best to grow back in, and it is all soft to touch because it is really fine.
Basically, it’s baby hair.
And there is a reason that our hair grows in like that when we are babies. It is because we aren’t going to remember how long it took to grow like regular hair because we are just babies and we don’t know any better yet. We are babies and have not yet become addicted to styling products.

Also, when you are a baby, people just think you are sweet for being a little pudgy squirmy thing.
It’s less sweet when you are my age.
Still, it’s all coming together and I am thankful for that.

Elaine has said for a while that every day my body changes. I think I am beginning to see it, partly because I have the whole hair thing going on, and also because I have been going to the gym and trying to be a bit more active. As a result, my moon face is fading and my cheek bones are starting to be evident again and that’s good.

Also, I was out in my yard yesterday and I was stunned and thrilled to see that my crocuses (croci?) had come up. I thought they were toast when the city came in and put in a new sidewalk outside our house. But hey, if you want to live at my house, you have to be resilient and the crocuses have poked up through the new dirt the city boys left behind.
They are spectacular and it makes me feel like spring is on the way.
A bit premature, since it is still January.
And I have all kinds of daffodils and tulips that are poking their green bits up through the yard, so there is a promise of some colour coming our way soon.
Happy, happy, happy.

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  One Response to “I’ve got eyelashes again!”

  1. I’m smiling….
    Eyelashes, baby hair, and crocuses-
    Here’s to many more happy days ahead…

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