Jan 032005

I’m thankful too. We’ve made it through this last year with a huge amount of love and support and help from close friends and total strangers. I’m thankful all the time. But here’s something weird that I figure you only get to know if you’ve been thankful a lot in your life…

I’m kinda sick of being thankful-needful. I’m not at all sick of the wonderful people who are so damn nice to us; I’m sick of being on the “needing the help” end of the thankfulness. I’d rather, when it comes down to it, be on the “giving” end instead of the “receiving” end.

So… I can’t wait for our little boat of life to find calmer waters so we can begin the process of giving some reasons for thankfulness back. It’s close. I can feel it.

On the up side (another up side), it’s fun watching Spike’s eyebrows grow back in. We both missed them!


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  1. It was my pleasure to be on the ummm recieving end of your giving


  2. Dearest Elaine,

    You have done lots of giving. It is all about balance and this was your time to recieve and be able to recieve, I know it isn’t easy when one is a giver, but it is important to allow others the chance to give back something to you.

    By the way, I am thankful for you everyday. You are the best.

    Missing you lots.

    Fiona xoxo

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