Dec 122004

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Okay, it totally sucks to have cancer, and to have had cancer, to have gone thru having cancer, whatever way you want to describe it.
But I have to say, I have been the recipient of some spectacular kindness since I got sick (not to imply I was terribly hard done by before).
This last week, I got to go to Hornby Island for a few days, and it was really, really great. I just got back this evening, and I am still getting settled, but it was really great.
If you are looking for a quick getaway to the Gulf Islands, you should really consider going here . I did, and I had a really good trip.

I realized a while ago that I have just been marching through this whole experience and I have just clenched my teeth and white-knuckled it through this whole experience, and I haven’t taken the time to think it all through. I know that may sound strange, given how much time I have spent laying around in my pajamas over the last few months, but I wasn’t really ready or willing to ponder the whole thing till I was finished.
So, now I have a bunch of thinking to do, and I was lucky enough to get hooked up with the Hornby trip.

Thanks to everyone who made that happen.

By the way, look at that hair coming in, eh?

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  1. It appears that moon face removes wrinkles. The silver lining?

    Nice hair. I wonder if it’s going to be curly this time around.

  2. But Susan, unlike mere mortals of my age bracket, I never had wrinkles.
    You must be mistaking me for someone else.

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