Nov 262004

It’s two weeks since my last chemo.
I am all grumpy and achey and it’s rainy and wet and it gets dark at 11 in the morning lately.
I had blood work today. That was okay. I’ll find out what’s what sometime next week, when I see the oncologist and have a CT scan and a chest x-ray and all that jazz.
I am choked because I keep getting billions of spam entries thru the comments function of this page, and it can be an enormous amount of work to go through and delete it all. Yesterday I spent about an hour deleting the approximately 35 spam entries that had showed up in 24 hours.
I think there is a special layer of hell for spammers and an uber-special layer for spammers who spam a goddamn cancer blog. I mean, shit, give me a break.

On a happier note, some friends took me out to wrangle up a couple of truckloads of firewood yesterday. That was way cool. The same friends who came by and cut my crazy hedge down into a manageable shape.
So, now between that truckload of wood and the whack o’ wood that used to be another friends’ cherry tree, we have quite a bit. It’s all pretty wet so we will have to improvise, but hey… it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a Duraflame log and some creativity.

So, that’s the word from where I am… achey and grumpy and impatient to start feeling better.
But hey… it’s is getting better in small ways.
I just have to remember that.

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