Jun 152004

We were driving over the viaduct yesterday and the Cirque du Soleil was packing up and heading out of town.
I remember last year when they left town, I was leaving work as their semi’s drove down Hastings Street. It was really cool and kind of sad, all in the same moment.
Anyway, yesterday, we drove by as they were taking it all apart.
Same thing, kind of cool and kind of sad.
I just want to say again how happy I am that Elaine and I got to go see Quidam this year, that was so great. And it was good that we saw the show before I started the chemo.
Thanks to the artistically minded elfish sorts of friends who made that happen.
I know I have said it before, but this whole nasty thing is so much easier to manage because of all the kindness and support we are being given.
So, thanks.

And, that said, I think me and the Missus are going to try to do something nice with each other today.

Later, comrades

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