Aug 202006


I seem to have convinced myself to do this , and I seem to be dragging a few friends along for the ride.

I haven’t set myself up with a “team” on the site yet, cuz I have yet to think of a brilliant name for my team. But as soon as I have that name thing nailed, I will get set up and then, if any old internet-ers wish, you can sponsor me.

I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but obviously I think it’s pretty important.

And if you are good with creating catchy names for a bunch of queers, do let me know. I am still scratching my head and the sooner I can get a name, the sooner I can get this show on the road.

Roger Dodger.

Over and out

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  1. Dear Spike,
    Thanks for this blog! Thank you for this reminder! I have a favor to ask of you and your listeners. I have had OVCA (diagnosed 2003, stage 1c, borderline tumours, rad hyst and chemo, ok today as far as I know…) and am writing an essay called “On Not Imagining Ovarian Cancer.” It’s about the disconnect between early symptoms that we DO HAVE and our difficulty in recognizing them and going to the doctor. I think this is connected to the fact that we aren’t ever invited to think about, imagine, picture, sense, palpate, or whatever, our ovaries, much less consider ovarian cancer. Most people can’t name 10 women who died of ovca. (I think I can do 8, offhand, and I’m particularly interested!) Aside from Wit and one great Thirty-something set of episodes–and last season on Grey’s Anatomy–when do we get stories of ovca? I’d love to hear your experiences of imagining– or, as in my case, NOT imagining–Ovarian cancer, before you were diagnosed. Thanks!!! off-line is great, on-line if others are interested.

    Martha Stoddard Holmes

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