May 242005

Things have been going pretty well lately.
I had good test results, and really, there are few things I would place above that in terms of my overall happiness and long-term longevity-ness.
So that was good.

Going back to work has been good.
I picked a great project to be working on, and it is having a slow start which works nicely for me. And being surrounded by nurses helps on some level too.

I have been going to the gym and getting back in shape and burning off the many watery pounds that the steroids gave me.
And I bought a new mountain bike last week.
It was a really good score. It was exactly the bike I wanted and the guy I bought it from really took care of it and he sold it for a little less than he hoped for, and I spent a little more than I had hoped, and somehow it felt really fair the whole way around.

And I have an interview tomorrow night for library school, and that’s exciting,
Though it is too far off in the probability department for me to start getting my hopes up.

All in all, things have been going really well lately.

That is, they were going pretty well until Sunday, when a city bus ran a red light and created the solid, unforgiving mass that my truck and I would crash into while on my lunch break.

I remember how the moment came when I realized that the bus wasn’t going to stop and that I couldn’t stop in time and that I knew I was going to crash and how I just thought, “Man, I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

And then the next thing I thought was “Owww!!”

I am more or less okay.
I have a bunch of bruises coming up and some back and neck pain and a burn on my neck where my seatbelt grabbed me.
And I suspect that they will write my truck off, because I watched it turn into an accordian in front of me.
Thankfully the morphing routine stopped before it included my legs.
Though I did give my knee a good solid slam into the dashboard.
As I explained to a friend tonight, most of all, I miss my truck, but that may have a lot to do with the fact that I don’t find myself having to miss my legs or my arms or my mobility.

I am completely unenthusiastic about having to deal with a big legal bureaucracy.
That pretty much bites.
I have witnesses, and I know it wasn’t my fault, but these agencies are notorious for screwing everyone involved.
I’d like to believe that they will get it right.
I’ll let you know, but in the meantime, I am not getting my hopes up.

All that happened on Sunday.
I was pretty upset about it at the time.
And I am not happy about it, by any stetch of the imagination.
But I now realize that I am lucky to have basically walked away from the whole thing.

I do wish that bottle of organic flax seed oil hadn’t rolled under the seat to slowly go rancid as the truck waits in the adjuster’s lot.
But hell, a fresh bottle of oil probably isn’t a high price to pay, all things considered.

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  7 Responses to “Snakes and Ladders”

  1. Truck schmuck, you got your legs. I’ve found ICBC OK on these things. Be nice, but keep on them, so it doesn’t gather dust.

    I”m glad you’re OK

  2. Scary. But I’m very very glad to hear you are okay, even though your truck is not. Better it than you.

  3. Oh, I know I was lucky and I am grateful that I have a bunch of bumps and aches and that’s basically it.
    The more time that passes, the more I think, “wow, that could have been so much worse.”

    And I think my truck did a valiant job of protecting me.

    And, I spoke to my adjuster and he has already spoken to witnesses who have said they watched the bus run the red light, so that is a big relief.

    It’s a crappy situation but so far the details are unfolding in a pretty decent way, not unlike my whole cancer experience so far.

    See how I tied it back into cancer?
    Tricky, eh?

  4. I’m gonna second the “just glad to hear you’re OK” thing!
    I’m also going to say that in my experience, ICBC is on the whole fairly decent, but wow, does that decent factor ever ramp up when you use the magic phrase “You’ll have to talk to my lawyer about that”. It took me about 3 years to settle but it was worth the wait. Document everything, take pictures and don’t sign anything.
    I’ll send you my lawyers contact info…
    Again, I’d pick you over your truck any day!

  5. Yeah, Babycakes. I’m glad you came out of it in one slightly lumpy piece.

    The truck was nice and all, but you’re way more cuddly.

  6. Oh my god, how scary for you. So glad that you came out all right. It is always a hassle to deal with insurance, and all that crapola that comes along with an accident. But of course you can replace all the “things.”

    I am hoping your interview went well, and that it will be an option for you. What a stressful week!

  7. Thanks, Rae.

    It’s a week later and I am still pretty tender and I say “ouch” a lot, but I have all my limbs and organs and important things.

    The interview was really bizarre.
    The actual interview was great, but then they gave us a test which could easily have been part of a first semester mid-term, it was that involved in library theory.
    I have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be, but I feel pretty okay with either option.

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