May 092005


You know, it’s great to be back at work and to be getting a routine and connecting up with people, and even having a little bit more cash.

But it was really great to be in Kaua’i.

I knew it was great when I was there, and some of the ways it was great are becoming more clear to me now that I am home.

This picture was taken a few minutes after we got caught in a tropical rain deluge.
We had been warned about the storm and we were in the process of breaking camp because we were on our way to a new campsite, (oddly, we were on our way to the wettest place on earth). We thought we had it timed right and we would get everything packed up before the storm.

Our calculations were off by about 10 minutes.

That was a win for the storm.
It was actually a really wonderful rainstorm, though many things got wet and stayed wet until they hit the dryer once we got them back home.
Still, it was awfully fun.

That’s just what I was thinking about.

Kaua’i was lovely.

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