Feb 222005

snow day
There was this great day in January when I went up Mount Seymour with some friends and we went snowshoeing.
It was really a great day.
And we took a bunch of pictures.
And then my computer crashed a few times and I never got them into my gallery.
Until tonight.
So, if you are interested, you will find this wintery goodness

On other fronts, I went for my first round of post-chemo bloodwork yesterday.
I’d like to make out like it was all easy and no problem and I am not at all stressed out about seeing the oncologist next week, but damn… I seem to be kinda grumpy for some reason and maybe that’s why.
This chunk of time right now, post-chemo but not back to real life and still waiting to get a sense of how it’s all going, this chunk of time is very strange and kind of draining for me.
And hell, I am grateful to be done the chemo, but it’s hard to not feel like it is hanging over my head still.
I guess I just have to learn to be patient.
Not my biggest asset.
Oh well…
We get the news next Monday.

Stay tuned.

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  2 Responses to “New Old pix just uploaded”

  1. I get cranky whenever doctor’s visits come up. Being in the hospital for any reason, even if it is just blood draws, puts me in a foul enough mood that I spend a day or two just stomping around, slamming doors, and being a bitch. The strangest thing? I am still cranky after my gyn/onc gives me good news. Good figure. I guess it’s just that everything cancer-related pisses me off, and I hate having to go through the motions I associate with chemo and the like, even if the result is good.

  2. patience smatience. None of the kewl kids are patient.

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