Nov 172004

If you want to know what all this chemotherapy stuff is about, at least the way it happens with me, you can now take a guided tour.

I uploaded a few pictures to my gallery page, which you will find here:

Chemo gallery and stuff

For folks who haven’t taken the gallery stroll through the non-something-evil side of my site, do feel free. You can see my amazing friends shaving their heads with me and you can see the pics of the vacation that Elaine and I took to celebrate our birthdays last year, right before all this wildness kicked into full gear.
But just let me make it clear that while I sport many different looks on this page, I am actually *not* the guy with the baby in the gallery section called “Hey Baby!”
That would be someone else.
And while neither of us are currently sporting any ovaries, I still had some when I took his picture.
Just making sure y’all understood that.
I know I make it tricky for some people.

Also, we are tweaking the very front page, the splashy splash page, of my site, so stay tuned.

And.. a final comment for folks who know me and haven’t seen my somewhat swollen self lately… as you may have noticed, I have lost some hair and put on some weight.
The hair loss is fairly predictable and doesn’t seem to surprise anyone, except maybe me (yes, still…)
The weight gain seems to take people by surprise.
And hey, it is surprising for me too.
My oncologist says it is because I am eating more bland, carb-heavy food and not exercising as much as I used to.
I think it’s the steroids, myself, but I am not the one with the science degree and the white lab coat.
But I do know that I haven’t been drawn towards bland foods, no matter what anyone thinks. Man, I am so sick of bland and middle of the road, and ever dropping-dead taste buds that I am over-spicing, if anything.
Or, as my girlfriend said, “do you think you will like things at a more normal level of spiciness again once this is all over?”
Poor girl, I’ve been scorching her little pink ears off.

Anyway, the guerilla chic look is way more about the sudden and temporary weight gain than about any long repressed political agenda on my part.
Rest easy.

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  1. Elaine loves Spike. And incidentally, I’m testing the comments function.

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