Sep 152004

I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

I stumbled upon this site where you can find out what Google has to say about me or anyone else.

It’s kind of fun.
Go ahead, type in your own name.

Tomorrow is chemo day, number 6 of 8.
That means that I did bloodwork last week and again today.
Dr. Oncologist says that my CA 125 is at 4.7, which is still really, really good.
It’s up a smidge from last time, but he says that tiny little jump can be attributed to what time of day they took the blood.
Anyway, he continues to say that things are going really well, just as well as can be, and I will go along with that.

what else…

we went camping last weekend.
It was very, very, very wet and windy when we arrived on Friday.
Really, it was insanely windy and insanely rainy. Friday night was just basically insane.
Because the ferry arrived late and because the weather was so punishing, we set up our camp in the dark and in the rain.
We ate dinner at 11 pm, and then we started setting up the tents.
Friday night was kind of brutal.
And then we woke up Saturday morning, and it was sunny and lovely and it stayed that way thru Sunday.
And then we came home and it started to pour again, but that’s okay.
I had a great time getting out of town.
And, I am hoping to get out of town once or twice more in the next while, but I have to see what happens with me and my travelling companions and all that.

It’s late and I have to get my stuff put together to go for chemo tomorrow.
Wish me luck, comrades.
It’s a bugger of a process and I am getting more than a little tired of doing it and really really tired of not being able to do a whole lot of other things. But I think in a big picture kind of way, I have very little to complain about.

Okay… more when it happens and I simultaneously remember to post something here.

Over and out.

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  1. Hey there Spike..I continue to think about ya and am holding good healthy thoughts. Take care and hang in there!!!

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