Jun 102004

So today I had a lot of things to do in my little home office, and great deal of things to do outside the home, and for some reason I didn’t want to leave to do the outdoor things. I hemmed, I hawed, I kissed Spike, I procrastinated, I took a bath, I did some work on the computer… and finally I said “Okay, okay, I have to go, Spike, shall I jump your truck(‘s dead battery) for ya before I leave?”

Spike thought that might be a good idea, so off we went into the rain to do the dirty.

It bears mentioning that my van keeps the battery in a very bizarre place — inside the van, on the floor, directly behind the driver’s seat. Yes, indeedy. It makes doing battery jumps… wierd.

So I open the sliding side door of the van to get the jumper cables, hand them to Spike, and jump in my van to move it to the space directly in front of Spike’s truck, so the cables will reach. I didn’t close the sliding door for this, since I was only driving 15 feet.

Unfortunately, in my distracted state, I missed seeing that Spike’s truck’s driver-side door was open, and thus misjudged the distance somewhat, and caught her door on my sliding door. There was a brief struggle, and I’m sad to say both doors lost. Badly.


Both doors will have to be replaced, thought I won’t be doing anything with mine for … er… about six months or so. It took a quick trip to the mechanic (the door bound on with rope) just to get it to close and lock, and I ain’t opening it again if I can help it.

(PS – John from S&M Auto on Venables St is an awfully nice guy)

Spike’s door, though, is a driver’s door, and really will need to be replaced, ’cause she’s too sick to do the Dukes of Hazzard thing in and out the window. The body shop said $800.


In between smacking my head on my desk, I’m calling around auto wreckers to see if I can better that price somewhat…

In the meanwhile, everybody watch Spike to see if she winces the next time I say I a-dore her.


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