Jun 272004

it’s another thing, and I guess in the big scheme of things, the things that have been screwing up for us lately haven’t been as bad as they could be.
Like, we got the first round of blood tests back, and things are looking good. I’ll get more info about what’s what when I see my GP on Monday, but all in all, things are apparently look good.

Anyway, I am feeling fairly good, this far after the chemo, and as always, I have no idea what happens next.
I had every intention of going out, at least briefly, last night, cuz there was some more of those swell Vancouver dykes doing a swell Vancouver fundraiser for me and the Little Woman, but it just couldn’t happen in the end (leaving the house, I mean, I am pretty sure the fundraiser happened.)
But I do want to say a big thank you to the Stacy and the folks at Lick and all those lovely drag kings. Thanks, you guys.
I swear I would have made it if I could and I do appreciate the thoughts and the huge effort.

So, life is okay… different… interesting.
My doctor tweaked my meds a bit and I may crash later in the week, that remains to be seen. Right now I have a bit of a ‘headstone’ going on, I am not completely sure why, but it’s interesting and I have decided that the best thing to do is just roll with it and try not to hate it and take it from there.
Still, if I had any sense, I would log off right now and not reveal the secrets that happen within these walls.
But who ever said I had any sense?

But as I always say, it’s the little things.
Okay, Elaine’s van dying in the suburbs is maybe more than just a little thing.
But it has seemed that since I got sick, lots of little things are screwing up. Okay, some of them are bigger than little, but lots of things are just going screwey and I guess it’s the stress and the busy-ness of it all and like that.
Now, we all know about the little incident with the van clipping my door.
Yesterday I had this *need* to go buy some free run/organic chicken. I think it was as much about a need to do *something* and to assert some independence as it was about any poxy old chicken.
So, with no vehicle to safely drive, I got on my bicycle and zig zagged down the side streets of the east end. That was interesting, and I am happy to report that the chicken and I all made it back home. It was a true sensory adventure. I am sorry I can’t share it with you all.

Anyway, we’ve been telling you a lot about some of our bigger disasters around the home, but I thought it might be time to detail some of the smaller ones.
Like how a couple of weeks ago, I opened the dryer to grab some clothes and looked down and saw my favorite watch laying on top of my jeans, inside the dryer.
I love this watch… it was love at first sight with me and this watch, and there it was, all sterile and the face plate turned sideways from being clonked around. It’s trying desperately to limp along, and if anyone knows of a cheap little jewellry or watch shop, preferably in the hood, please let me know. I have other watches, but this one is far and away my favorite and I think it deserves a chance at a second life.

And then there was today’s little mini-disaster.
I am trying to eat/drink as many smoothies and other good things as possible. Just a little something to try to help offset the toxins I am ingesting.
Anyway, Elaine had an appointment coming up and I needed to get some food in my belly so I could take my medication, so I made us a smoothie.
It was lovely. All organic and good. It had organic melons and organic mango, organic berries, organic yogurt, banana, orange, apple, and a whack of juice, and it was all going to be so lovely and delicious and good for us.
So, I mixed it all up and flipped the switch, and I noticed that the blender was making more of a howling sound than usual, but I figured it was just working hard trying to plough thru all that frozen goodness. So, I just ignored it.
Elaine, hearing the great grinding sound from the other room, asked if I thought we would have to replace the blades soon. I don’t know why that comment made me stop and check out the situation, but I did. So, I stopped the blender and dug a spoon in there to see what was what, and out came the little clear measuring cup lid that slides into the bigger plastic lid.
Now, this would be easier to feel okay about if it had been *my* blender, but it ain’t. It’s Elaine’s and it’s a damn nice blender, or it has been up till recently.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to say that because I think lots needs to be said about how much Elaine is doing, and enduring, and balancing, and tolerating, and I think she deserves an enormous amount of credit for going thru all this with me.
And I sure do appreciate it, because I am more of a space cadet now than I used to be, and I thought she was brave before I got sick.
So, I suggest, on top of it being Gay Pride everywhere but in Vancouver, that we agree to make today the “Hooray for Elaine Being So Swell to Spike Day”.
I know there are some marketing types out there who can turn this into a huge money-maker.

Okay… off to see what other damage I can cause before sundown.

Spike of the poached brain

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  3 Responses to “If it’s not one thing…”

  1. Spike, I can relate well to what happens and continues to happen, but your right they are very small compared to illness, and yes I do believe too, most happen due to the stress. But why when you think you are handling as much as you possibly can do they happen? I don’t have an answer to that one. As you say it is more important to celebrate the good things and acknowledge them, but very hard to do somedays.

    As for Elaine being brave … and being there for you, she loves you … that is the truest/purest form of love I think that someone loves you enough to be there through it all. And you would do the same for her. It is very special in this world.

    You are both very brave and I am so glad that you share the special love you do.

    Here’s to Elaine being so swell to Spike Day !

    Enjoy your day together.


  2. Spike forgot to say that when she showed me the pitiful chewed-up piece of plastic that used to be my blender lid-thingy, I laughed and laughed. Seems like I’m working on not sweating the small things, kinda because there’s no room for extra sweat.
    Um. I could probably have put that better.

  3. Elaine: There’s ALWAYS room for extra sweat!

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