May 172004

Okay, so I have a whole lot to say about this topic — but I have three projects overdue right now, and I either have to work on them or change the cat litter, and I’m picking the projects, for now.

But in the meanwhile, skipping over the fear and the crying jags I’ve been having, and the general ache of watching someone you love be in pain and danger…

Well, today it got even more interesting.

I’ve discovered that Spike is not human, but rather a radically advanced super-human. You see, her disguise as a mere mortal was penetrated today, when we went to see the doctor (general practitioner) about a leak at the very top of Spike’s surgical incision, and when the doctor poked gently at it with a swab, it popped open in a shocking kind of way. I’m sure the doctor was the most frightened of all of us. In fact, she babbled a bit, the dear thing.

Anyhoo, seeing a raw, red hole into Spike’s belly that I could potentially poke a thumb into was entirely too much for me, and I have decided (and stated confidently to the doctor) that Spike in fact had had a hidden second belly button, and that explained really a lot of Spike-related stuff I’d wondered about for years. “She’s an alien!” I said, to the scandalized and still-shaken doctor. “Look! There’s proof.”

Spike laughed when she wasn’t peering at her belly and going “Oh, gah” and falling back on the examining table in a cold sweat.

To avoid conversation with me (I’m sure) The doctor ran off and fetched a nurse, and they proceeded to Hmm Hmmm Hm a bit about Spike’s new 2nd navel, before doing something awful to Spike, called irrigation and packing.

Now she has to take antibiotics and go back to the GP every day this week for re-irrigation and re-packing.

And I, between nightmares, shall continue to watch for clues that Spike is really not of this earth. Perhaps a third eye hidden somewhere?

Bend over, Spike, my love.


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