May 302004

So, you know that blue-green algae stuff: Spirulina?

We take ‘em as vitamins. I ain’t complaining about pill-taking for once, because Spike worries about me worrying about her, and thinks it’ll make me sick if I don’t keep my immune system working fine — which is completely true. Sigh.

So. Vitamins. Gah.

Spike gave me a few to take this morning, and I left them on the couch for a second while I went in search of bread to take ‘em with. (Yes, ordinary folks take pills with water. I take ‘em with dry bread or crackers. )

When I came back, Dayton the cat was happily chewing up the last one. Who knew any vertebrate would enjoy the taste of spermalina? Blechh. And again. Bleghhh.

Me’n Spike are fervently hoping they won’t make him barf blue-green all over the house.


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  1. Sorry I couldn’t visit Saturday. A final memory of you with hair would have been nice. Perhaps a before and after a few weeks from now? Don’t forget, Mama has LOTS of wigs to choose from and only about 75% of them will look *completely* ridiculous on ya.

    Sending love strength and energy to you both.

    Nubian Imp

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