May 212004

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Whoo Hoo!

So, last night we went to the Cirque du Soleil and it was spectacular, just like we knew it would be. To all those people who arranged it so we could go, thanks. It was really really great and amazing and it was a really sweet thing for you to do.

Personally, I aspire to have Cirque du Soleil posture. And then I want to learn how to run in that perfect posture trotting sort of way that they do.
And then, after that, I’d like to learn to fly on scraps of silk.
What could be wrong with that?

I find the Cirque du Soleil amazing, not just because of the things they can do, though those things are amazing.
But it’s amazing to me that folks can be so incredibly strong and agile, and at the same time, the whole show demonstrates a huge vulnerability and trust.
For the individual performers, there is the fact that they train and train and train and perform, and train and still, if they come off a curb wrong and twist their ankle, that probably puts a bigger dent in their career than it would in most people’s.
And then there is the whole ‘working together for the greater good’ thing.
Not to get too smarmy here, but the Cirque du Soleil really does demonstrate the things that can happen when really talented people come together and work on a project together. And what happens when the overall show is more important than any one person in the show.

And then there is the fact that every time I see the Cirque du Soleil, it awakens the anthropologist inside me.
I’d like to hang with some of them for the summer and find out how that all goes, who they are, how long they perform for, what it’s like sailing thru the air several times a day. All of it.

Anyway, it was really really great.
A huge thank you to the people who sent Elaine and me to the circus.
That was really great.

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  1. Cirque du Soleil sounds amazing! I’ll have to check it out sometime.

    Kudos to the fairies who gifted you with the tickets.

  2. I have only seen Cirque recorded, but my whole life have wanted to do aerial work. Took an aerial workshop (there are several options to do that here in the SF Bay Area) and fully intend to continue to work at it so I can incorporate it into performance.

    I _am_ an anthropologist, I have just the same desire to learn more about these folks. I’m very curious. Plus I have a performance company and I love the idea of “talented people coming together for the greater good” although w/burly dancers, there is a LOT of ego to overcome. I suppose that’s true for all performance. Wish I could interview the Artistic Director of Cirque…

    Glad you had a good time!

  3. Hello everybody,
    I adore circus myself and especially aerial arobatics. I practise it a lot and it is nice to read people like these things! I have got about 5 tapes from Cirque du Soleil and I really enjoy their shows too.

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