Jan 242005

Just a quick note.

Things are coming along, slowly but surely.
I find that one of the biggest challenges is maintaining some degree of patience while I bounce back. Which isn’t to say I am having great hairy tantrums or anything, I just expected I would be way closer to what normal used to be by now.
But I am getting there.
My hair is making a valiant effort to come back, and I suspect I will be looking pretty normal pretty soon.
My energy level is improving, though a whole day of work is still out of the question.

And then there is sorting through everything that has happened over the last few months and making sense of it, and integrating that experience into the current way I see my life and balancing it in my expectations for the future.
Does that make any sense to anyone who isn’t me?
I have no clue.
Basically, I need to figure some stuff out.

On a different front, I went snowshoeing a couple of weeks ago and I have some pictures I am about to put in the gallery, but I am having a wee wrestling match with the program right now and I won’t be able to upload them till I get that fixed.

On yet another front, we are waiting patiently for a little baby to be born into the fold. That will happen any day now. That’s all kind of amazing and wild.
More about that when it happens.

More as it happens.


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