Jan 142007

Welcome to 2007, folks.

Where to begin. Well, I am no longer on Galiano. It was great to spend that time there, gruelling as it was at times. I needed the distance and the isolation and the quiet, and I probably needed the lack of convenience, too.

I was really impressed with how quickly people on the island help each other. Things were pretty wild while I was there, with lots of power outages and frozen pipes and icy roads and fallen trees. It was interesting to see folks just help each other as a matter of course. Folks certainly helped me, and I hope I helped back in some small way.

In other news, I am back at the old homestead, at least till the end of this month, while I find my next home for me and the two bastard cats. I am awfully fond of stability in my life and I think life will be way easier when I know my next postal code. So, if any locals know of any reasonably priced, cat friendly digs, please drop me an e-mail.

Beyond that, I have been thinking a lot about the connections we keep and the connections that slide slowly from sight. It seems like the last 3 years have been full of people stepping up and others sliding away. I think I spent a lot of time being hurt by the absence of some friends and not enough time being appreciative of the folks who stuck around or came back. So I am going to try to shift that.

And finally, I saw the man in the white lab coat on Wednesday and he said that everything was just as good as can be and that my CA 125 is at lucky number 6, and I’ll take that over a year without eyebrows any old time.

Here’s hoping the new year brings you many of the things you hope for.

~~ Spike

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