Jul 082007

Well, not *me*, exactly. More like the Ovarian Cancer Canada folks.

See, me and some friends will go walk around the park and people will give us some money for that, because that’s how this works. And then the OCC folks will take that money and do researchy things and that will be good and, one hopes, someday soon, we can put all this nastiness behind us. And somewhere along the line, if you give some, unknown to me, amount of money, you get to tell the government to take it a bit easier on your income tax.
Sweet deal, no?

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  1. […] godzillion types of cancer and listen when your friends talk about their ailments. Give money or go join Spike and raise money during the OVCA walk. Last year, after the walk, we went straight to visit our friend Marianna in the hospital. […]

  2. I found my way here by way of Mary’s blog. “Err, have you ever had cancer? No? Well how about you shut the fuck up you idiotic wanker fucktard.”
    Truth be told- it was the use of “fucktard” that got me here. I’ll continue to check in on ya – daily. Thank you for your crisp clarity, precise words, your perspective- a real nice read. Some of it is all too familiar. I read your “background”. Do you still need that “someone” to send t-shirts to- and then back to you? Le’ me know. I’m in NY. Have a lovely walk in the park…

  3. Go Spike! I’m always impressed with anyone who can walk around the park! -and for such a good cause too.. Hope life is grand..

  4. Here’s the URL:

    and the date:
    > Join us on Sunday, September 9, 2007 as we launch the new Ovarian
    > Cancer Canada’s Winners Walk of Hope being hosted in 14 cities across
    > Canada.

  5. Hey, one other thing — here we are in this video someone took of last year’s walk. At least, some of us! Can you spot us?


  6. Your involvement with the walk of hope is inspiring. Maybe I’ll find something like that to do in Colorado.

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