Jun 102007

Last week, while screwing around on my PC, I suffered an all too familiar screen freeze. I quickly wrapped my hand around the CPU to flip the ‘any key’ and that was all fine. It was just that the re-flipping produced absolutely no results. Just a big black screen on my monitor staring back at me uselessly. I was at first optimistic that there may be a miraculous and spontaneous re-birth, but no.

It’s times like this when it sucks to work 12 hour shifts because I had to wait till Thursday to even get a chance to take my computer in to the shop. And I must say, it was freaky to spend some time sans computer and realize my huge reliance on the beastly machine.
For example, I had a request to make some soup for a friend who is sick, and I originally thought, “sure, there is that yummy black bean soup I have been living off lately”. But then I realized that the recipe was online (at epicurious.com, in case you are looking for a great website for recipes) so instead I had to guttle around in the freezer and find a couple of tupperware containers of Sportswoman soup, which is a recipe known only to me, and while I am sure it did the trick for my friend, it was amazing to keep slamming into my assumption that anything that needed to be done could be done online.

I don’t know about you, but I am fairly internet dependent and I would say that I get an urge to do something, whether that is write an e-mail or look something up, at least twenty times a day.
In a big picture sort of way, I am glad that I went without, if only to demonstrate where I am at with all that.
And I am also happy because I spent way more time just laying on my couch reading books, rather than reading, well, who knows what sort of mindless shite on the computer.

Summer is making itself known here in my city, if only in a tentative way, and I have started exploring some vacation options for myself. Stay tuned on that score.
A vacation seems sorely needed.
Work has been especially gruelling lately, dealing with a lot of death in the work community. And it was made even more freaky when one of my co-workers was assaulted by one of the folks we work with. The colleague received 30 stitches to his face, many of which were around and inside his eye.
It’s crap like that that makes a person jump back a bit and say, “whoa… that could have been me. and why am I doing this, exactly?”
Of course, we do it for more complicated reasons than I can explain right here, but still, I think everyone I work with was horrified that someone who is known to us could do such an awful thing to a co-worker, and a totally nice man.

So, that’s me, in a nutshell. As always, it’s a mix of good and sort of complicated.

Okay, amigos. It’s a work night and there are dishes to do and counters to wipe before I lay my scruffy head down for the night.


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