Jun 172005

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I’m still trying to figure the exact details of all this, but at first glance, it seems like a good thing, though I don’t understand why the Bloc Quebecois MP’s would vote against it.
I heard about it from my pals at the National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA), so I reckon it’s good news.

Read on.

Cancer Community Congratulates Federal Members of Parliament for Supporting National Cancer Strategy

Signals cancer as a health care priority

OTTAWA, June 8 /CNW/ – The more than 30 leading Canadian cancer
organizations represented by The Campaign to Control Cancer applaud the
Members of Parliament for voting yesterday afternoon in support of a motion
directing the federal government to fund the implementation of the Canadian
Strategy for Cancer Control.
The coalition commends Steven Fletcher, the Conservative Party Health
Critic, and Member of Parliament for Charleswood-St. James, MB, for his
leadership in tabling the motion which received the support of all political
parties with the exception of the Bloc Quebecois.
“This is a monumental occasion for Canada’s cancer community,” said
Dr. Brent Schacter, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Association of
Provincial Cancer Agencies. “We’re seeing the results that can be achieved
when a community of impassioned and engaged experts, patients, survivors and
other stakeholders unite with government to create an evidence-based,
long-term approach to fighting cancer.”
“Yesterday’s vote reaffirms that the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control
is an innovative approach to public health policy development,” said
Pat Kelly, cancer survivor, advocate and spokesperson for The Campaign to
Control Cancer. “We now look forward to working with all levels of government
to implement the national cancer strategy and bringing the Quebec cancer
community into its rightful leadership role.”
Support for the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control leads the way for
consultative processes for developing similar strategies for heart disease,
mental illness, and mental health.
The federal Liberals have pledged $260 million in funding support over
five years to implement the plan. It is estimated that an implemented national
strategy would mean, over the next 30 years:
– preventing an additional 1.2 million Canadians from developing cancer
– saving the lives of more than 420,000 Canadians
– preventing the loss of more than $101 billion in wage-based
– preventing the loss of more than $24 billion in total government tax

About the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control

The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control is a national strategy that has
the potential to bring about the sustained, coordinated, comprehensive and
collaborative approach needed to meet the challenge of our growing and aging
population. A considered and rationale approach to the increasing number of
new cancer cases, the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control offers a solution
to the cancer challenge. Each province will be able to independently build its
own cancer care management system from a foundation of national data and
knowledge that is gathered from across Canada and shared by all. Current,
state-of-the-art information about all aspects of cancer will be available to
Canadians no matter where they live. The Strategy will reduce duplication,
fill in gaps and ensure scarce resources will be shared.

Understanding Cancer Control

Cancer control means dealing with the disease through a systematic,
sustainable program of public education, prevention, proper screening, early
detection, appropriate and accessible treatment, and supportive care for all
Canadians living with cancer. Cancer control can increase survival and quality
of life by effectively converting knowledge gained through research,
surveillance and outcome evaluation into practical strategies.

Canada Losing Control of Cancer

Cancer kills more people in Canada than strokes, respiratory disease,
pneumonia, diabetes, liver diseases and HIV/AIDS combined. This year alone, an
estimated 69,500 Canadians are expected to die from cancer – 1,200 more than
last year – and 149,000 will be diagnosed with the disease. The number of
cancer cases will increase by more than 60 per cent over the next decade if no
action is taken.
While the increase of cancer in Canada will present enormous future
challenges to our health care system, other countries have demonstrated
dramatic reductions of this burden by systematically applying existing
knowledge and through developing comprehensive national cancer research

Taking Action

The Control Cancer Campaign web site provides information and tools to
get involved in cancer control. Visit www.controlcancer.ca.

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  1. Re: Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control

    Does no one ask any questions anymore? The CSCC was asking for $260 million dollars but exactly for what? The details to be quite elusive and pretty fuzzy.

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