Aug 052004

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I’m sure there are more than a few Boomtown rats fans out there that know and understand the tune I am humming in my head right now.

Okay… it’s been a while and I feel like I should have a lot to say.
I probably do, because a lot sure has happened. I just don’t know if I will have the steam to write about it all tonight.

A couple of things to talk about for sure.
I did my 4th chemo treatment today (thus explaining why I am still up at 2:30) and reaching number 4 means I am halfway thru if everything goes well. Fingers crossed.
And so far the test results indicate that everything is going well. The first set of results came back with my CA125 scores being 8.6
Today, I got back a newer set of results that are at 7.1
(If this is making as much sense to you are trigonometry after smoking Panama Red then flip back to the entry called “3 down, five to go” cuz I explained all this stuff there. if you don’t want to go there and read, just trust me that it’s good news.)
My immune system is still pretty delicate and I have to be careful.
We spent the weekend doing a ton of social stuff, because of Pride and weddings and such, and I came in contact with lots of people which was good mentally, mostly, but it is a bit risky physically. I think I got a bit run down from it all, but I think if I can make it through the next few days without getting sick, then that will be excellent. I have known from the beginning of this that this was going to be the busiest weekend of the whole treatment, and it was.

At the top of this entry, you can see me being the fluff on the back of the bike.
If you pay attention, you will also see that I have the legs for the job.
That was really really fun.
I had been hoping to get a picture or two from the weddings we went to to post here but that hasn’t been possible. Elaine and I were dressed rather sharply and I was hoping we might get a photo or two, but I think they may be a while coming.

Anyway, it’s almost 3 and it’s time to try sleeping again.

If sleeping doesn’t work, there will be a lot more to read on this page.

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  1. African jungle, big city streets (beep-beep beep-beep yeah!)
    The only real difference
    Is in the people you meet.

    Up all night (oooh za za)
    Oooohh staying up all night!

    Noel said she say you over at the Drive (Dyke march?). Such 2nd party reports are wildly reassuring. I’m glad to read it’s going OK.

    Didja get the invite?

  2. […] For whatever reason, I frequently find myself thinking back to where I was a year ago. I have these little flashback moments more and more frequently lately. Two weeks ago, it was the Pride parade here in my city. I found myself thinking a lot about how last year, I rode on a friend’s bike in the parade. The pic and blog post can be found here. This year for Pride, we did the unthinkable (for us) and sat on the sidelines and watched it go by. It’s funny, because last year I was a passenger in the Dykes on Bikes contingent. This year, I was there with the Dykes on Bikes at the beginning of the parade and I found myself uncharacteristically weepy. And, unfortunately, it wasn’t in a caught up in the overwhelming splendidness of the moment sort of way. It was because there in that moment of thundering engines and gushing pride, I felt like such an alien. See, sometimes I feel like an imposter now. I feel like I pass for a regular, unscarred person. “Cancer? What cancer?” sort of person. […]

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