Feb 282005

happy, happy, happy

Well, we had a little visit with the oncologist today. The first visit since I finished the chemo.
Not that either of us have been at all tense about what the test results may say.
No, no.

So, with the CA-125 test, you want to have your test results be nice and low. You want your test results to either be under 35 or under 20, depending on who you talk to.
My last test result were 2.8. which is so clean it squeaks.
Today’s test results were 6.

There is much happiness with that number here at my house today.
And now you know too.

More later.

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  4 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. Oh my fucking gawd that is so great! Die muthafucking cancer cells die!!!!!!

    Have you too started the nasty nookie to celebrate?


  2. Woohoo! Brilliant! I am so happy to hear this. My turn with the vampires comes up in 2 weeks. I have my fingers crossed that I come back with numbers like yours.

  3. What wonderful, wonderful news.
    Just what we wanted to hear. We can only imagine the exhaling at your house tonight.

    Cheers! Celebrate!

    Love to both.
    See you Friday :-)

  4. What a wonderful number! Sooo happy for you!

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